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Welcome to Rocket!

You just passed the gates of the old space center. Everthing here reminds you of times long gone, and of ancient computer games such as Asteroids, and later Oids and Gravity Force.
As nobody is watching, you climb up a ladder into the nearest vessel. Stepping through the door you put your helmet on and call ground control for clearance. And suddenly, as you ignite the giant engines deep under your seat, the whole universe seems to lie before you. The blackness of infinity and the glaring blaze of stars near and distant begin to fill your vision.

This is the homepage (or homebase, as we from ground staff like to call it) of Rocket, a Gravity Force-style freeware game in the tradition of Asteroids, featuring network multiplayer and team dogfight. You can get Rocket on the download page.

Hope you like this game, and let me know what you think! Give it a try and take a ride! Have fun!

Download Rocket Download Rocket (4.98 MB)

Trantor vs. Astor
Trantor vs. Astor. See more pics here.

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